How to program selector block

Hello every buddy

              i am working on cognitive radio spectrum sensing . i 

a selector block of 1024 fft size fft output . but GRc sector block can
visible up 29 port only . so, how can be make it possible through
programming a block to select all 1024 fft and make one out put to
massage 2 of that .

please gide me the possible way or logic to program and the steps for
signla processing block programming.

thanking you

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MR.Maheshkumar P.

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Hi Maheshkumar,

I don’t quite understand you completely.
What is your input? Is it vectors of size 1024?
Do you need to select complete vectors, or do you need to select
elements of these vectors?
What has this to do with messages? What messages of 2?