How to prevent nginx locks

Hello all,

I have a situation with nginx where occasionally all my worker process
hang (a ps -awx returns D state) which means that my webserver becomes
I have to add that the lock occurs when trying to serve some files from
a OCFS2 file system and the only way to solve this is to reboot our

Obviously I can see that the main problem lies in OCFS2 and not nginx,
however what I would like do is to prevent nginx from blocking.
Is there anything I can do in order to have nginx unlock after some
timeout or something like that? I’ve already looked at all the
documentation but found nothing. I also increased the worker processes
to 7 (I have 6 CPU) but all processes simply locks and increasing that
number is not the solution.

By the way this same situation (nginx blocking) also occurred in the
past with some SolR http requests we did in our code.

Thanks in advance.


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