How to place the app in the rails dir

Hi i am new to ROR .
I have mentioned to work on Rspec…
i have a code given by my boss…
I am having doubts in using them.

  1. How should i keep that code in my railsprojects directory… Should i
    keep the package given by them directly in my directory or i have to use
    rails appname
    2.I actually tried by keeping the code in my rails dir and changes the
    database.yml file

But when i try to run script/server .
i am getting an error as
`gem_original_require’: no such file to load – feedzirra

y so ??
Pls guide me …

If your app name is “nice-app”, make your directory like this


First update rubygems and perhaps use rvm (ruby version manager)

See railscast 200 and 201. Bundler can also be used for Rails 2 I
think :wink:

Which version of Rails are you using?

In any case, try this to download and install the missing gem locally

$ gem install feedzilla

Check it was installed

$ gem list feedzilla

To install all gems needed by your app

for Rails 2, try

$ rake gems:install

for Rails 3

$ bundle install

This should install all gems required by your application :wink:

Find some Rails tutorials and start from there. I learned by going
through the Railscast episodes myself… Good luck!

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