How to pass controller instances class to UserNotifier



I am using “UserNotifier < ActionMailer::Base” in model.

In my User Model class I have these
after_create {|user| UserNotifier.deliver_signup_notification(user) }
after_save {|user| UserNotifier.deliver_activation(user) if
user.recently_activated? }

In my view “signup_invitation.rhtml”, I have these,

<%= @user.login %> has just invited you to join <%=

Do you guys know how to pass “@current_domain” instant class to view?
I already define @current_domain instance in Application.rb. It does
have value when create user in controller but after UserNotifier call,
the value of @current_domain is nil in “view”.

Or may be is not a good idea to put
“UserNotifier.deliver_signup_notification(user)” in model and put it in
controller instead.

thank you in advanced,