How to pass a value from one action to another?

Dear group,

What are the most elegant ways in Rails to pass the VARIABLE’s value:

  • from action A
  • to action B?

Until now, I’ve been doing this like this (but I’m sure there are other

  1. In action A: redirect_to :action => ‘B’, :id => VARIABLE
  2. In action B: variable = params[:id]


  1. In action A: display a form (form_for :myForm") with a hidden field +
    pass the hidden field a value
  2. In action B: value = params[:myForm][:myHiddenField]

What are the most elegant for passing values in the most direct way?
Is it possible to easily pass values that are not visible to the user?

Thanks a lot!

Sorry, me stupid…

-> You pass the value to the session and retrieve it from the session as
soon as needed…

In case there’s something even better, you’re still welcome!

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