How to overwrite old scaffold to new one

Hello all,

I am new to ruby development, so please me, and give me solution.

I am trying to develop simple shoppingcart application.

  1. created rails application by

projects>rails ShoppingCart

  1. then created database for shopping cart table-products

fields are- id, title, description, price, expiredate

  1. created one Product scaffold by

projects>ShoppingCart>ruby script/generate scaffold Product title:string
description:text price:decimal expiredate:datetime

4)then i browse and did some new, edit, delete operations.

  1. Now i want to add one field to my products table- image_url.
    then fields are- id, title, description, price, expiredate, image_url.

I want to overwrite Product sacffold so that when i browse products page
it should display me added field i.e image_url.

give me steps to solve this problem.


Hello man,
This link
exactly what you want
(i hope :slight_smile: )


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