How to move data from a javascript control to the controller

I am using a javascript grid control, because I need a competent control
make a good GUI. HTML

just isn’t quite enough in this case.

I know how to address the cells of the grid control in javascript, but
not how
to move that data from the HTML page to the rails controller.

Can someone please direct me to a tutorial on how to submit this data
from the
browser javascript context to the controller on the server?

Thanks in advance.

On 9/22/06, David J. [email protected] wrote:

Thanks in advance.

Does the javascript grid control just manipulate the contents of the
DOM? If so, can you not just POST your revised data to the server
(standard http post). Or if you needed more frequent data transfer
you could probably have a javascript timer that uses AJAX to send the
data to the server.


That was my first hope. No, the JS grid does not just maintain a

. If it did, then the scaffold generated <% link-to ;action =>'update' %> would have worked out of the box.

I suspect that I will need to use some AJAX type programming techniques.
would certainly not object to getting my feet wet in that direction.

David J.