How to migrate on another server?

I have rvm + rails + nginx + passenger + unicorn + capistrano which
I’ve configured for my server.
Can you tell how do migrate to another server with all this farm?

or is there a tool to pack the config to setup on another server?
Any solution, please.

Okay, your server is on the cloud, something like Linode, Heroku,
There is one good solution and one perfect solution. The good is working
VM’s and cloning it, the perfect solution is work with automation tools
like Puppet or Chef.

Personaly, me and my team are administrating 2,000 VM’s with Puppet and
Ganeti with very success, in future we will migrate to OpenNebula or

If you have some doubts about it, please send one note.

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Server uses Linux Server
Can Puppet or Chef grab all "rvm + rails + nginx + passenger + unicorn

  • capistrano" on another server?

I found
It’s simalar step-by-step server inviroment instalation.

Are there simalar projects to set rails enviroment instant?