How to merge multiple Variables (Hpricot::Elements)

Hey List,

i hpricot a website (Html Table) and want to normalize the data
For now i have about five variables with all the data of one column.

(HTML Source)
col1 :: col2 :: col3
data1a :: data2a :: data3a
data1b :: data2b :: data3b
data1c :: data2c :: data3c

each column is hold in on variable (@col1data, @col2data…), and i have
a while loop to “merge” the data to a new model:


while @col1data.size

model =
model.col1 = @col1data.shift.inner_text
model.col2 = @col2data.shift


So i get three Models with the expected data.

But this is so damn ugly :wink:

How can this be done without shift?

Thanks for your time!