How to measure a throughput in the given scenario?

Hi Everyone,

I am going to start with the general network settings:

Number of Computer : 01

Number of USRPs: 03 (i.e. Source node, Relay node, and Destination

USRPs and the computer are connected through an unmanaged switch.

Gnuradio-Companion Version

Test with simple random signal

During this test, a source USRP node generated and transmitted a simple
random signal over the wireless network using the program
gmsk_tx_random.grc (file attached).

The relay USRP node is responsible to receive and re-transmit the
of the source USRP node to the destination USRP node. The relay node
program tx_rx.grc is used for this purpose (file attached).

The destination USRP node received the signal from the relay node and
displayed it on the computer screen. The destination program name is
gmsk_rx_random.grc and attached herewith.

This program is running successfully as you can see in the attached
named with random_sig.png. However, at the initial time the
gnuradio-companion screen only had a single “U” but as the time goes by
string is going larger and larger as indicated below.


Here, I know that U means “PC not providing data quickly enough”,
D means "PC not keeping up with received data from USRP). One
thing that I’ve noticed is that as the string of U and D increases, it
switched off the transmitting LED of the relay USRP node permanently.

In this situation, I want to calculate the throughput in between of
nodes and the computer. Can anyone let me know how I achieve this in

Waiting for earliest reply. Thanks.


Syed Aqeel R.

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