How to make rails parse <p>, <b>, <strong> entered in text area?

Hello, I have this simple blog Post, I just want to jazz it up a bit
with paragraphs, and bold faces, thought that wasn’t too much to ask
for. But when I enter the following in the text area

<strong>You won't believe this!!</strong>

and save submit it, and then display it in the show action, wherein I

<%= @article.body %>

it displays exactly the same

<strong>You won't believe this!!</strong>

I know about the “h” method and take care not to include it. – I
haven’t done anything else with the app, I just generated the app and
rake db:migrate’d it and nothing else. So it is a clean start. now,
can anyone hint me what I might need to do in addition to not include
the “h” as in <%=h … %> so to display html and etc?


What version of Rails are you using? I seem to remember discussion of
auto-escaping by default in v3, but to my knowledge and testing this
is not the case as of 2.3.4.

Check to make sure that your data is not html-escaped in the database.

Hi Jemminger, I am using 2.3.2

oh yes and the database is mysql that comes with instantrails 2.0