How to load data in payload of send_pkt in, and check with


I am confusing with send_pkt and payload.
How can i load the data that I want to transmit in the packet? and
with received data using
what I tried is adding file_sink to compare the transmit and the receive
data, but it seems I can do more with send_pkt.
Also, would it be possible to choose one subcarrier that I want to use
Thank you for your kine help.


On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 01:04:57PM -0400, James P. wrote:



I suspect that you don’t have a working knowledge of python. Python
has excellent documentation. Please work through the tutorial and
become familar with the python library reference. You can find them
here: Download Python 2.5.2 Documentation |

Please be sure that you fully understand the following line of code.
It is the one that builds the packet payload. Do not ask for help
about it on this list. It’s standard Python and there is absolutely
nothing GNU Radio specific about it.

send_pkt(struct.pack('!H', pktno) + (pkt_size - 2) * chr(pktno &