How to install Ruby on Rails from Stand alone package?

I need to instal RoR on server which is not connected to internet and
which can’t be connected to internet coz of security reason. There is no
other ways to connect server to internet.

I know every tutorial say run gem install rails, but in this case I need
to install rails from stand alone package.

So, my problem is where to install files which I downloaded from

I already installed ruby-1.8.4 and rubygems-0.8.11.

You could just use InstantRails if you’re running windows. It’s a bit
easier than all of that. It’s an executable that comes with Apache,
Ruby and Rails and you just unzip it into C:. Follow the links from

Igor Grčman wrote:

I already installed ruby-1.8.4 and rubygems-0.8.11.
If you have all the required .gem files together in a directory on the
machine you are installing Rails on, you should be able to run the gem
install command in that directory. According to the documentation, it
attempts to find the gem locally before trying a remote install.

It’s not something I’ve had to do myself, but I’ve seen advice like this
on the mailing list before.