How to install plugins

This is my first attempt at installing a plugin, please help. I am
using RadRails with Instant Rails. From the ruby console I tried (per

ruby script/plugin install svn://

I get this:
ruby: No such file or directory – script/plugin (LoadError)

what am I doing wrong? Also from what directory do I run the script?

Thanks in advance -K

That command looks fine. It should be run in the root directory of
your application.


Please what is the root directory of an application? I tried running
the script at lots of different locations only to get the same error?
(sorry for the newbe questions)

The application root is where the app, db, config, vendor and (of
course) script folders (among others) are located.

Ex. (on Windows) would be like… “C:\src\my_apps\this_app”

You may also need to do the “ruby script/plugin discover” to add

for more details.

Kim schrieb:

You may also want to check out RaPT, Rails Plugin Tool:

I just discovered it recently at it has some nice features.


Great thanks - I got it now :slight_smile: