How to install plugins behind a proxy

Hello there.

I’m trying to install some plugins for my Rails application but my
network is behind a proxy server. The gem installer have the -p
parameter to configure a proxy and it works ok, but what about script/
plugin install?


You can set http_proxy to make it sense.

hi EricSun, can you please tell me in a more detailedly, I installed
Instant Rails on a Windows machine. now i want to install a plugin but
failing since i am not able to set the proxy server settings.

Awaited for your help. thanks in advance


On Sep 19, 6:32 am, “EricSUN(RailsBeijing)” [email protected]

in linux systems you have to set a envionment variable like this,
export http_proxy=“http://myproxyserver:8080” # http can be what ever
protocol your proxy server supports and myproxyserver can be a name or

in windows i am not sure but i guess you try this,

right-click on MyComputer, then go to properties, click Advanced tab ,
click on the button Environment Variables in the 3rd Row, add a new
called http_proxy if does not exist, then set the value as stated

If this is not working, you have to find out the variable equivalent
to http_proxy of linux to windows, then set it.

i guess thats what Eric was talking about.

and one more thing is none of the above works out, you can use this
ruby scripts/plugin install --http-proxy=“http://myproxyserver:8080/
for every plugin you install you have to give --http-proxy option, but
if you use a environment variable you don’t have to give this.
If given this takes priority over environment variable.

Good Luck,

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