How to install country_select plug-in

I have downloaded plug-in from.

but i don’t know how to install it… in file install.rb there is only

Install hook code here

puts “The list of countries provided by this plugin may offend some
users. Please review it carefully before you use it”

what is Install hook code ? and how to use it.

Thank in advance

Running the plugin install command from your rails directory should
work. Run the following command from your CMD. make sure you are in
your rails directory when running the installation script.

script/plugin install <git_path/of/the/plugin>

should work.

this will download the plugin ad put it in the “/vendor/plugin”
folder. and as the helper function is defined under lib folder you
should readily get the method in your views.

let us know it worked or not.
Thank you :slight_smile:

On Sep 25, 4:49 am, “Thriving K.” [email protected]

It work, Thank you. I am very appreciated