How to install a gem without using gem command online


I have a server which is not allowed to access the web. I downloaded and
installed ruby on it. Now I would like to install some of the ruby gems
the command:
gem install gem_name does not work obviously because it can’t reach the
web. I just don’t know where to find the gems to download them, and
them from a local repository.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

I have a server behind a firewall that won’t allow me to access the web
to download gems either. What I do is go to ruby gems
(, find the gem I want using another computer, then
copy that over to the server. Then from the terminal I simply use:

gem install

The only downfall I have found is when there are dependencies on other
gems, then I have to go download those and install them first.


Hi Wayne,

This will work for me even if I need to go crazy with dependencies.

Thank you

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User Bundler and it’s package command: