How to insert tags?

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HTML-page has a tag:

  • NAME
    <%= @fmod.NAME %>
  • How to insert(in the Ruby program) almost same tags after this tag with
    other parameters than NAME ?

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    Since you’re editing HTML, I’d use Nokogiri:


    On 9 Αυγ 2013, at 09:21 , Mak K. [email protected] wrote:

    other parameters than NAME ?
    Not sure what are you trying to do, create the example above or scrap
    it? If you want to scape it use Nokogiri, if you want to create it, you
    can use many languages that produce HTML: ERB, HAML, SLIM, etc.

    in HAML would be:

    .itemLabel NAME
    .itemValue= @fmod.NAME

    See here: Haml :: Tutorial and

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