How to import in Gnu Radio IQ.wav files recorder with SDR#?

I have recorded with FCD pro+ and SRD# some IQ.wav files.
When I try to import them in Gnu Radio companion as a “File source” and
plot the frequency spectrum with the “FFt sink” I get nothing.
Are the IQ.wav files produced by the SDR# recognizable from the Gnu


Make sure you have a throttle block between the source and the FFT, set
to the rate at which you captured the wav. Also, there is a Wav File
Source under Audio. The plain File Source will also work (usually WAV is
16-bit signed, 2 chan), but will have a little noise at the beginning
(the wav header).

  • Jeff

You need an ishort-to-complex block after the file source. The file
source does not convert for you. If that doesn’t work and your data is
definitely good (and not too short), then no idea.

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  • Jeff

Thank you Jeff!
The ishort-to-complex block solve my problem

2014-09-29 23:59 GMT+03:00 Jeff L. [email protected]: