How to implement TDM on USRP1 and GNU Radio

Hello everyone,

I’m working on implementation of two-way relaying model using GNU Radio
(with GNU Radio Companion as interface) and 3 USRP1s (each has one
daughterboard and one VERT2450 antena). The relay node (R) decodes
from two end nodes (A and B) separately and performs a bitwise XOR on
messages before transmitting the XORed data to end nodes. This model
well with short message.

However, at the moment, nodes A and node B are running on their own and
user can just start/stop transmitting/receiving by hand. It’s needed to
have timing synchronization. This can be done by adding a beacon in node
This beacon is a pulse, transmitted each time before node R is able to
receive signal. Node A and node B transmit their message once the end of
the beacon is received. This process requires system to perform TDM. The
flow chart for each node can be found here:

My problem is that I don’t know how to design a TDM to manage the
transmit/receive phase. In particular, in end nodes, we need to notice
transmitter when the beacon is received and tell it to transmit; in
node, we need to tell it when to transmit the beacon, when to receive

Does anyone have experience with TDM on USRP and GNU Radio? Please give
some clue for that. Should I write some new blocks or modify the python
script generated by GNU Radio Companion?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hoang from Vietnam.

Ngo K. Hoang
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