How to I set Typo's Blog URL to be relative?

Hi all,
I’m running Typo 4.1.1 on my own server, but because of my modem
(Actiontec is really bad), I have to access my blog using the private
IP address of the server if I’m behind the modem, and my public IP
address from anywhere else. Normally this wouldn’t be so much of a
problem, except for this fact: when I set the “Blog URL” on the Typo
admin page to be the private IP, nobody who isn’t behind my modem can
access the links. But if I set it to be my external IP, I can’t
access the links from behind my modem.
So my question is, can I set the Blog URL to a relative url, and if
so, how?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Eamon,

A workaround – which works if your public IP also has a hostname –
is to use that hostname instead of the public IP, when not from home;
then, in your /etc/hosts file (or wherever Windows keeps the
equivalent file these days) you add an entry like this: insert-public-hostname-here

What this does is: it overwrites your machine’s default use of DNS
when looking up that particular hostname, and instead always goes to
localhost for it.

And then you configure the blog absolute URL:


If you don’t have a hostname and don’t want to buy an entire domain
for your public IP, ask someone to lend you a subdomain. That’s free
and easy. But normally your ISP should assign you a hostname too,
with that public IP.


Thanks for your response – but wouldn’t that work only if I’m
accessing the hostname from the server itself? In my case, I don’t
actually use the server for anything except, well, serving. So I need
to be able to do something like this for all the computers in the
house. Is this possible?

On May 24, 2007, at 8:09 AM, Alex D. wrote:

This is no longer related to Typo.

Yeah, sorry for getting off-topic.

towards ‘http://insert-public-hostname-here

Actually, the reason I have to go to all this trouble is because my
router doesn’t support that… I might just need to get a better router.

But back on the topic of Typo, it’s weird, because up until a few
days ago, it seemed that Typo was using relative urls, even though
the Blog URL was set to the server’s internal IP address. Then
suddenly none of the links were working from outside my house,
because it was linking to the server’s internal IP.

Anyway, thanks for your help.

This is no longer related to Typo. Anyway: the ‘hosts’ files which
need altering are on every machine in your house, and in that case,
instead of “” you need to use the server IP which is visible
from inside your house. Therefore, you’d need to add that line into
the respective ‘hosts’ files of all the computers in your LAN.

Alternatively, if you have access to the DNS server that you’re using
(for instance, if your router has this feature), you can set up this
pseudoroute inside that DNS; then all computers which it serves in
your house would be redirected to the internal IP when they navigate
towards ‘http://insert-public-hostname-here