How to handle admin section of a saas application

Mine is a sass model application. Various companies can register. Each
company has there own admin and ordinary staff and respective actions
etc. I have implemented this with proper privileges,permissions. This is
the way till I could manage. My new requirement is a super admin (he can
do functionality to any companies. For an example, manually activate
account company1’s admin user)
My question is what approach should I take to implement this?

  1. Implement all functionalities of this super admin to a super admin
    name space. If I follow this approach will there be a lot of code

  2. Treat this super admin as another system user (For example my
    existing user types are company_admin, staff) and give him privilege and
    permissions to the required actions.

    This two ways come into my mind. Is there any other approaches?
    Please give me some insights on this


I’m kind of in the same boat as you right now and have been tossing
around different ideas in my mind for a while.

As of last night, I’m leaning towards building a basic API with Grape
(, and then building a separate
small private app that uses the API to interact with the main app’s

I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has solved this problem in
this way, or any others.