How to go back to the Home page

Hi all

My home page is called index.hml and it is located under the Public
folder. When I am creating a new record in a controller I type:

when this page opens if I click in the menu Home, it redirects me to

instead of “index.html” in the public folder.

Please advice


I need to link_to my home page index.html located inside the public

Basically, you need to delete index.html in public folder before
starting to develop.
We don’t use it. It’s just there to see if Rails is running fine and
show “Welcome aboard” message.

By default, Rails directs to the index.html file in the public folder
unless you add map.root :controller => “something”… in the routes.rb
so if you haven’t changed that, all you have to do is edit the
index.html file the way you want it. if the app automatically
redirects to the controller, check in your routes.rb file.

hope that helps

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