How to Globalize using variants of templates?


We have a web application running on Ruby on Rails 1.0, with all RHTML
files stored in the standard app/views/controller directories. The
static content, messages, etc. in all the templates are in US English.
We hope to release the website in other languages.
We are considering the use of the Globalize plugin from
The layout of the pages is unlikely to change for most of the languages.
All we need to do is call the translate method for all static content
“”.translate to get the text translated in the new language.

However, in case of some languages like Arabic, the entire layout of all
pages will have to be changed. The RHTMLs themselves will have to be
different. This may also be the case for some other languages for which
the static text does not align properly and we are forced to create
still more variants of the RHTMLs.

How do we make sure our application has a set of default templates that
are used if the corresponding localized templates are not present?
Is there something we need to do in routes.rb?
How will Rails locate the template to be used for rendering?