How to get the value of date_select?

Dear All,
<%= form_for(:crm_member_transactions, :url=>transaction_path
(:type=>type, :load=>1)) do |f|


To :<%=
date_select :crm_member_transactions, :to,

Email:<%= f.text_field :email_addr%>
<%= f.submit “Filter” %>
<% end%>

i want to select the date then submit it to get the value of the seleted
date,but when i get the value with params, it returns nil,these are the
values i have submitted,

i can get the email value by
params[:crm_member_transactions][:email_addr],but how can i get the date


??any one can help me ?thanks


Take a look at:

It seems that you’ve getting some problems with the “from” date_select,
because you’re getting:


but instead, you should get from(1i), from(2i) and from(3i).

It seems too that you have a extra comma here:

date_select :crm_member_transactions, :to,

In the end of the first line and the beginning of the second there are a
comma. Maybe it’s a syntax error.

Later, you should use


to build the dates.

Sorry for my English mistakes. I’m not a native speaker.

Best Regards,

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