How to get the data from objects in ruby~~please help

Hi all,

I have a web service that will return a BookArray when getBooks method
is called. The web service is in java.
something like this–> public BookArray getBooks(){…}
BookArray,toString() will return all the books name and description in
one string
I have a ruby script that send the soap message to call this web service
and finally print out the result.

require ‘soap/wsdlDriver’

WSDL_URL = ‘http://localhost:9002/BookSearch?wsdl

factory =
driver = factory.create_rpc_driver
soap.wiredump_dev = STDOUT

books = driver.getBooks()

puts books.inspect

after run the ruby script, it didn’t print out the All the Book
information in the BookArray.
It printed [#SOAP::Mapping::Object:0xa73104].
Dose anyone know how to get ruby to print the data in BookArray in
string form. Something like the BookArray.toString().


puts books.inspect

recurse it by hand?
require ‘pp’
puts books.pretty_inspect