How to get the content of EEPROM on mother board (boot issue)

Hi All

I am now developing a board like USRP, also using gnuradio, but add some
surroundings. The issue now is as below.

I have changed the VID and PID in EEPROM on mother board to FFFE/0002,
is the same as usrp.

And in the instrument manager, I can see the my device and the ID is
FFFE/0002, which is right.

I think the PC should drive my device the same as USRP, but my device
can not boot. the system can’t find USRP device. Do you guys know why?

I doubt that because the configuration of my rom is wrong. (Or is there
posibility else?) So I would like to check the content of EEPROM.

Is there the EEProm data file in the gnuradio package (I think it should
.iic format?)? or how I can read from the EEPROM without taking it off?

Thank you very much!


2010/4/13 Liang Xin 梁昕 [email protected]:


There is significantly more to USB than simple VID/PID. You need to
have specific endpoints set and control words are used which are
specific to the device. Additionally, any driver that you are using
will talk to the device in a specific way, your computer is talking to
your new board as if it were a USRP, and it is not responding because
you didn’t program it to.

From your previous emails (to which I will address the reply here), it
seems as though you want to make a new output device for gnuradio to
compete with the USRP in terms of price. I think there is a market for
this, so good luck. With that said, I think that you are getting
ahead of yourself.

Unless you want to specifically clone the USRP using different chips,
which would seem kind of pointless because you would be unable to add
any functionality, you would need to use a different PID/VID and
register your board as a separate device. The second step is to write
a source and sink block for this new device and work.

Your approach is not wholly wrong, when making a new IO device for
gnuradio the USRP is a good place to start, it’s an existing codebase
that documents the appropriate way to talk to gnuradio. However you
will not be able to simply copy the code, because your device will be
different in several way, mostly the method you use to transfer data
to it.