How to get redirect log in Mechanize?

Hello. In ruby, if you use mechanize following 301/302 redirects like

require ‘mechanize’

m =
how to get the list of the pages mechanize was redirected through? (Like => =>

Here is the code in mechanize responsible for redirection

elsif res_klass <= Net::HTTPRedirection
return page unless follow_redirect?“follow redirect to: #{ response[‘Location’] }”) if log
from_uri = page.uri
raise, redirects) if
redirects + 1 > redirection_limit
redirect_verb = options[:verb] == :head ? :head : :get
page = fetch_page( :uri => response[‘Location’].to_s,
:referer => page,
:params => [],
:verb => redirect_verb,
:redirects => redirects + 1
@history.push(page, from_uri)
return page

but trying to {|p| puts p.uri} shows 3 times the uri of
last page…

On Aug 30, 2009, at 02:59 , Rodion R. wrote:

Here is the code in mechanize responsible for redirection

Look at the rdoc for WWW::Mechanize and see how they wire up the
logging instance. You need to be logging at the ‘info’ level to see
the redirects, but more importantly, you need a logger. The above code
doesn’t have one.

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