How to get more debug information in test log?

Im one of my unit tests, I got an error I cannot even start looking for
issue as few information are logged …

Using the test console , there is no error at all :

rails console test

Loading test environment (Rails 3.2.9.rc3)
site1 = FactoryGirl.create(:cms_site, label: “booboo”)

but running my tests > unit

ruby -Itest test/unit/user_test.rb -n

Error: test_should_save_user_with_required_fields(UserTest)
NoMethodError: undefined method respond_to?=' for #<Cms::Page:0x007fa0435bba68> test/factories/cms_layout.rb:14:inblock (3 levels) in <top
test/factories/cms_site.rb:17:in block (3 levels) in <top (required)>' test/unit/user_test.rb:58:ininitialize_user’

I have a nested FactoryGirl records creation ( cms_site > cms_layout

cms_page )

why it coule be running fine in console and NOt in test ? how can I
for more info ? thanks