How to get local variable name from object id or memory reference in ruby?

Follow the code :-

class Sample
def bar
p method(method).receiver # only self would do the trick.
end # => #Sample:0x13bc648 # => #Sample:0x13bc630 # => #Sample:0x13bc648 # => #Sample:0x13bc630

But this is my try. I am looking for any method is available in
Ruby,into which say if I pas n1.object_id or #Sample:0x13bc648,I will
get back in return the local variable name say here it is - n1 ?

I don’t think that will be possible.

A variable has an identifier ( in your case, n1 ) and a reference to an
object ( Sample:0x13bc648 ) so when you say “n1” , it knows which object
references and returns that. As far as I know Ruby doesn’t keep track of
reference counts of an object and the object has no way of finding out
which variable references itself.

But one inefficient way to achieve what you want would be to iterate
through all the local variables and print the names of all local
that has a particular object ID.

a = b = “hello world”
local_variables.each {|x| puts x if (eval x.to_s).object_id ==