How to get just hour and minute?

I have a Ruby project with a User object that consists of various
fields (attributes). Two of these are preferredStart and preferredEnd
and were configured with the “… script/generate scaffold …”
command to have type “time”. When I visit the resulting “New User”
page, the input for those two fields has date and time. In other
words, the user could select a month, date and year in addition to
hour, minute and second for preferredStart and preferredEnd. The
relevent code from the view/new_user.html.erb is:

<%= f.label :preferredStart %>
<%= f.datetime_select :preferredStart %>

<%= f.label :preferredEnd %>
<%= f.datetime_select :preferredEnd %>

Is there a way to limit the input selection to simply hour and
minute? I tried, for instance:

<%= f.datetime_select :preferredStart, prompt => {:hour =>
true, :minute => true} %>

That did not have the intended effect, though.

Have a look at time_select.


By the way, you should ask Rails questions here:


On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 3:29 PM, Craig D.

On Mar 16, 3:29 pm, Craig D. [email protected] wrote:

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Had I included content that was not ‘legal’? Apologies to all if I

Have a look at time_select.

That did it, thank you for the quick reply and the nudge in the right
direction. As you probably have guessed, I’m way down on the left side
of the learning curve. Thanks!


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