How to get jdbc-postgres updated?

The jdbc-postgres gem (jruby-extras) includes:


But 8.3-604 is the current recommended/stable version

If you look at the changelog you will see quite a few bug fixes
intervening these versions.

Also, for Java 1.6 they recommend a jdbc4 driver instead of the jdbc3
version currently bundled.

Based on this I’d like to suggest (and can volunteer the changes for):

  1. Include both jdbc3 and jdbc4 jars in the jdbc-postgres gem and
    selectively require based on running JVM version. Since the jars are
    reasonably small (~400k) this doesn’t seem too problematic.

  2. Include build number as third patch version number in the gem, i,e:


Which would enable staying current with the upstream driver’s patch

Thoughts? Is there a git repo for jdbc-postgres I could fork?