How to generate JSON at runtime with nested structure?

How can I create json file at runtime in Ruby with nested structure.

My JSON Format is

“id”: “0”,
“lockVersion”: 0,
“name”: “seema”,
“description”: “Rest-Cloud-SeemaKhalkar_100”,
“cloudProviderTypeRef”: {
“id”: “1”
“host”: “”,
“proxyUrl”: “”,
“credential”: {
“userName”: “leander1”,
“passKey”: “vmware”,
“encrypted”: false,
“type”: “PASSWORD”
“properties”: [
“propertyDefinition”: {
“id”: “1023”,
“lockVersion”: 0,
“name”: “PLAB-ORG”,
“description”: “PLAb-ORG Organization”,
“key”: “organization”,
“type”: “STRING”,
“secure”: false,
“required”: false
“value”: “PLAB-ORG”,
“overrideable”: false
I wan’t to generate it at runtime with dynamic keys as well as values.
what is the best solution for it?

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