How to freeze SwitchTower

Hi all,

I’m wondering if “rake freeze_gems” will freeze SwitchTower as well.
If it doesn’t, I could try to modify the rake task at [1] to freeze
extra gems such as switchtower into vendor/ (the rake task at [1]
freezes gems into lib/ which I disagree with).

Is there anyone else actually using a “frozen” SwitchTower? If so,
what did you do to freeze it with a minimum of fuzz?


  • Rowan

On 1/5/06, BigSmoke [email protected] wrote:

I’ve frozen it successfully by slightly modifying the script at [1].
I’ve attached the modified script if anyone happens to be interested.
Some people might also want to add openssl and needle to the list of
gems to freeze.

  • Rowan

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