How to find the helpers code?


i have the application set up on my radrails. I was looking at the view
generated by scaffold and i see a bunch of names, after looking up
internet i found that they are helpers and generate the HTML for us.

Now, i wanted to look at the helper code for start_form_tag, so that
based on that i could write some of my own helpers in my helper
classes… but i could not find the code anywhere for

start_form_tag, end_form_tag, or submit_tag or render or anything… !!

Also where could i find out what are the parameters required for these
helpers (if i cant see the code ) ??

Thanks for any help,

First of all, all the methods listed in the API have their
corresponding code.
and click on “Show Source” to check it out.

Unfortunately I don’t know the path where gems are installed on
RadRails, but in your Ruby dir, the helpers are in


RadRails doesn’t come with Ruby or rails or any of that… it just uses
the install you
have on your system.