How to find functions in Doxygen file? (or some where else?)


usually I want to find how to use a function or which functions do we
have. So I read the file here:
or look at this website:

But in the first one, the description is not so detailed and in the
second, sometimes I can’t find some functions. For Example: dqpsk_mod()
in blks2 sub pakage.

Could anyone please tell me how to use these websites better or
there is some better guiding source?

Thanks in advance for any help.



The official GnuRadio documentation at [
GNU Radio Manual and C++ API Reference: Class Hierarchy ] is old and not updated
a very long time.

Also the un-official GnuRadio documentation at
is old too and not updated from a long time.

To generate up-to-date documentation that includes both C++ and python
function do:

  1. Install Doxygen in your machine.

  2. Download latest Gnuradio revision from the trunk to a temporary
    (ex: doc-gnuradio)
    svn co doc-gnuradio

  3. cd to doc-gnuradio

  4. ./bootstrap

  5. ./configure --enable-doxygen

  6. cd gnuradio-core/doc

  7. make doc

An html folder will be created in this folder. In this html folder look
index.html open and bookmark it in your browser.

To generate USRP documentation too:

  1. cd to usrp/doc

  2. make

in usrp/doc/html folder, look for index.html open and bookmark it in

To save space, optionally you can delete all doc-gnuradio folders
gnuradio-core/doc and usrp/doc folders



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