How to filter this array?

I have an array called headlines with lots of strings in it. Each
has a #rhyme_keys methods available on it which essentially gives it one
let’s say 100 types.
I want to remove all strings from the array who’s #rhyme_key type is
to the array (i.e. if 2 or more strings both have the same of any of the
100 types, they can stay).

I’ve tried starting off here:

#store all possible types in a new array
rhyme_keys_array = [] <<{|i| i.rhyme_keys }

#convert it to a hash so that the 100 types are mapped as keys, and
frequency is mapped as values
rhyme_keys_array.flatten.inject({|i,c| i[c]+=1; i}

#Now I don’t know how to check against this new hash. Theoretically I
it’s like the idea below, but I don’t know how to express it

hrk ={|i| i.rhyme_keys }
if hrk.count < 2 (in the value of the corresponding rhyme_key in the
then remove i from headlines.

Does this make sense?