How to Edit a Gemfile

Hi all, new struggling coder here! I’m following through Michael Hartl’s rails tutorial and I am doing it on Windows 10. I also followed Scott Hanselman’s set up of running rails through Ubuntu and Linux on Windows Terminal.

I’m trying to push my rails files to a heroku page, and I am encountering a problem that Hartl says is common. He says the way to avoid it is to edit the Gemfile as such:

source ‘
gem ‘rails’, ‘3.0.1’
gem ‘sqlite3-ruby’, ‘1.2.5’, :group => :development

The problem is I am very new to coding and everything I have been using is through terminal which is the line by line commands with the $. I dug through the internet and found how to add specific gems, but I don’t understand what the :group => :development line is doing.

I think the most helpful thing would be if somebody could suggest a program I could download and use to write the gems and then I could call that gem using terminal, but I can’t find any program that can do that.

Okay I am going to answer my own question for any other newbies out there.

xdg-open will open your directory and from there you can find your gemfile and edit with a basic text editor. Might seem simple to most but hard to find this instruction anywhere.

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