How to do this with Rails + jQuery (or Prototype)

Hey all,

I’d like to do the following:

.) Initially I have a page with a form containing a single input field.
.) I enter an URL into the input field, the page is loaded and placed
inside a div (or an iframe, or whatever) inside the initial page.
.) I want to capture user interaction (let’s say only mouse clicks for
now) inside the div - e.g. if an user clicks an element, it’s XPath will
be written below the initial search box.

I hope it’s clear what I am trying to do. I would need just a high level
solution (if it is possible at all - I think it should be). I am using
jQuery whenever I can - do you think it’s worth switch to Prototype for
this stuff?


If i get you correctly, you want to capture clicks on the pag that is
loaded inside the iframe (you have to use an iframe for this)

I really doubt this is possible as it would open up doors to XSS-
Attacks. But i i’m not sure.
If it is possible, i don’t know how :wink: