How to do a new with prefilled info?

In my example, I have a topic that I want to have a link next to to
create a new child.

So my erb, says something like:
<%= link_to ‘New Child’, { :action => “newChild”, id => } %>

However, the routing doesn’t like it because it thinks
is asking for a specific topic and it can’t find one with an id of

What I want is the same form as I get from “New Topic” at bottom of
the page but with the parent already pre-filled with the id I send it.

Is there a better way to do this?

Thanks in advance,


In routes.rb:

map.resources :topics do |topic|
topic.resources :comments

With that you should be able to use this in your view:

<%= link_to “Add Comment”, new_topic_comment_path(@topic) %>

In your controller:

def new
@topic = Topic.find(params[:topic_id])
@comment =

Every request sent to the CommentsController will get the topic_id so
you can do nice things like listing all the comments for a particular
topic, etc.

Maybe this is answering my question, but it doesn’t seem to work.
What I want is to create a child that is also a topic (ie, a subtopic)

I tried:
map.resources :topices do |topic|
topic.resources :topics

and putting:

That gave me a “NoMethod error”

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


Watch the nested resources screencast on my site.

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You may want to consider introducing a new controller (Subtopics) that
specifically deals with “topics that have parent topics”. You can
still use the same model for state/persistence but you will greatly
simplify your controller and view code by giving it a single focus.
With that in mind:

map.resources :topics do |topic|
topic.resources :subtopics

class TopicsController < ApplicationController
def index
@topics = Topic.find(:all, :order=>:name, …)



class SubtopicsController < ApplicationController
def index
@topic.find(:all, :order=>:name)
@subtopics = @topic.children


This assumes a model that uses acts_as_tree or a similar data model
for connecting ‘parent’ topics with ‘child’ subtopics.

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