How to direct to an action in current controller

Hi all,

I want to create a link in a view which directs me to an action in the
same controller. But the URL shouldn’t change. Does anyone know an easy
way how to implement that?
If I write something like this : <%= link_to “Hello”, { :controller =>
"current_controller”}, :action => “myAction”} %>
then I need to define an rhtml file like myAction.html. But I don’t want
that. I just want that the action ‘myAction’ in current_controller is


You don’t have to have a myAction.rhtml file, you can always say
render :action => ‘some_other_action’ to render that rhtml file, or even
render :nothing => true to render nothing at all


If you don’t want to have separate myAction.rhtml file, just add line:
render ‘default’

in the end of your myAction code in controller
It will render file default.rhtml

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