How to determine when the response from the cache


Can you please tell how to cope with this task.
When nginx gives directly the page, add the title “backend_id”.
And when it taking from the cache, don’t add the header.

The scheme works like this:
Frontend - nginx with proxy_cache, followed by multiple backends
(proxy_pass to multiple servers).
I need to distinguish, when a response from the cache and when it from
the backend.
If the response from the backend, i need to understand from which
backend he came.
Backends configured to add a response header backend_id.
But the frontend caches the entire response, with headers.
As a result, you can understand which backend was generated response.
But i can’t see, is it direct response, or from the cache.

Are there ways to cope with this task?
Need your wise advice.

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you can set 3 headers in this case (I’m doing the same for my front end

Those two to understand which backend server served the request and
which HTTP status it responded with.
add_header X-AppServer $upstream_addr; # Backend Server / Port
add_header X-AppServer-Status $upstream_status; # Backend HTTP Status

To understand if the request was served from the Proxy Cache you can use
add_header X-Cache $upstream_cache_status; # HIT / MISS / BYPASS /

The header ‘X-Cache’ will only be sent in case it does have a value. So
you won’t see that in case the response was not served by the proxy
cache. A ‘Age’ header to determine how old the object is isn’t
implemented currently (I opened an Issue re/ that a while ago).

In addition to the Headers you can easily log all Requests to your Proxy
to another access_log which will contain all those information for
central monitoring. That could look like the one here:


Am 12.05.2012 um 13:03 schrieb xore:

Chris, thank you, this is what i need.

By the way, i found one strange thing - operator “if” don’t work with
For example, i try to change “HIT” and “MISS” to more enigmatic values

set $tocache X;
if ($upstream_cache_status = HIT)
set $tocache H;

if ($upstream_cache_status = MISS)
set $tocache M;

add_header tocache “$tocache ($upstream_cache_status)”;

I expected to see “tocache: M (MISS)” and “tocache: H (HIT)”.
But i got “tocache: X (MISS)” and “tocache: X (HIT)”.

Maybe “if” works not for any variable?

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“if” (as operator of module “rewrite”) works before server gets answer
from upstream.
That’s why $upstream_* variables are empty for him.
In my case operator “map” helps me.

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