How to design controllers and views for - STI - Multiple us



In the free time I am developing a rails based job portal and I am new
to both web development and rails.

In my application there are different types of users like employers, job
seekers, moderators and administrator. I have implemented the DB stuff
in STI (Single table inheritance).


  • class Employer < User
  • class JobSeeker < User
  • class Moderator < User
  • class Administrator < User

I am using act as authenticated as the authentication system.

Right now I have different controllers for login/logout and users


  • UsersController (for user management like new user, change password,
    verification, activation, forgot password)
  • AccountsController (for login and logout)

What would be the best way to deign my application so that I DRY my
actions and views for different type of users that I have.