How to create Virtual Host In Apache

Hi All,

I am new to server configurations in apache web server.

I want to learn how to create virtual hosts in apache server and run
configure domains and making domain up.

Can anyone guide me here or provide me some useful links ?



If you go to use Passenger (mod_rails) the process is very simple,
just follow these instructions:


  • Sorry the english, I’m Brazilian

I would recommend SliceHost’s articles on anything from Ruby on Rails
installations to Apache configurations to get a handle on things.

Everytime i look for articles about Apache and rails application i
find the same…

what i need is:

i have a normal application at a real folder at “folder1” to be servered
apache, so i go to browser type ip/folder1 and everything is fine!

But now, i want to server a rails applications, and if a create a
the url ip/folder1 is no longer avaliable…

So, i need to be able to do 3 things:

  1. when i browse the server_ip is to show up the apache default index

  2. when i browse the server_ip/folder1 is to show up the html that is
    already working

  3. when i browse the server_ip/rails_app is to show up the rails app
    servered by webrick or mongrel

Any hint about that?

Thanks, guys!

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