How to create select box by selected value?

I’m newbie for ROR.

I was create select box for employee who swap position when they work.

ex. mr.John has default position as a service but he can swap position
to driver .

In select box i want to show default position first.

but my app it not show default first it must select by myself.

how i create the select box by selected value with ROR command

now i use

<%= options_from_collection_for_select @areas, :id, :name, (shift.area_id if shift) %>

Use collection_select

Learn rails:

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Julian L. wrote:

Use collection_select

Program has been error >>

wrong number of arguments (4 for 5)

error on line 28

28: <%= collection_select @areas, :id, :name, (shift.area_id if
shift) %>

No! Use intelligence! the entire select tag is replaced by collection
select. Look on the API for syntax.

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