How to create a cache server to caching downloaded files (with IDM)

Hello to all friends.
How can I install cache server for caching downloaded files ?

I try use Squid and Polipo for it.
but it’s not working properly.
Squid can caching downloaded files when download the file without
Managers.(Like IDM)

When I use a Download Manager , Squid can’t cache the downloaded file. (
connections number in IDM = 16)

Please help me , How can I cache downloaded file , when download file
IDM and multi connection mode (max connections number = 16 or 8)

My download speed is 500 KB/s (When I’m downloading files without
Download Manager).
If I use the IDM (Or any other Internet Download Manager) and set the
connections number to 16 , increase my download speed to 800 KB/s.

I want to downloading files with 800 KB/s speed.

If I set the connections number to 1 , Squid or Polipo cache is working
properly , but my download speed decrease to 500 KB/s.
And if I set the connections number to 16 or any number that’s greater
1 , cache not working properly.

My cache server only use with Internet Download Manager and it’s not set
the web browsers.


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