How to convert an array into a recursively calling string

Hi all,

I am stuck with an issue of converting a set of values present in the
yaml file that i’ve pushed into an array to a recursively calling
I have attached the yaml file .
This is how the o/p should be

-l vnic1 -L=active -P=L2,L4 -l vnic2 -L=active -P=L3,L4 confivnic

“similarly the process continues with initiation of another command for

I tried with everything i knew and all i could get to do was either
-l vnic1 vnic2 … (notice -l missing)
-l vnic1 -l vnic2 … (here the basic syntax turns out
to be wrong)

I have been asking this on irb but since am new to ruby and yaml. I was
not able to get a clear picture .
pls help