How-to Contribute to IronRuby

I’ve been trying to find information on how to contribute to the

Given the recent changes to the solution source and website, is the
information on becoming a contributor still current?

My hope was that I could work on issues as a way to get my feet wet.
Are these tracked exclusively on the main branch on GitHub? I checked
yesterday and I only saw 2 active issues.

I think this is a fantastic project. I love being able to use my .NET
assemblies. Using something like Cucumber and RSpec to test my .NET
classes is huge and honestly very exciting. I also really like the
prospect to using Ruby to code my Silverlight/WPF/Win Phone 7
applications. I’m not as interesting in hosting Ruby code in my CLR

As an outsider, it looks like IronRuby is dying a slow death given the
last 6 months or so. I want to try to do my part to keep this project
not just alive, but vibrant. Certainly we can offer a CLR-integrated
interpreter that is as capable as JRuby.

Come on, put me to work! :slight_smile:

This information should be up to date:

if you find any discrepancies, let us know.

Bugs are tracked on CodePlex:

There is a plenty of failing specs that also need to be fixed – see

If you find something interesting you’d like to work on send an e-mail
to the list so that others know what you are up to.


This reminds me… we need to sync to the latest Ruby specs time to

Every time we do that we need to generate tags, mark critical tests that
crash the test runner and push our changes to the specs up to the main
rubyspec repo (and get them approved).

Any volunteers for this?


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