How to construct our own communication systems with GNURadio step by step!?

Hello Everyone,

I got some problems recently! I wanna construct a simple communication
system which consists of an audio source file, GMSK modulator, TCP/IP
socket in the sender, and TCP/IP GMSK demodulator and sink in the
receiver. I have read the book Byteofpython which gave me some basic
concepts about what Python is. But I am lost now, it seems that there is
a long way to go, and i dont know how to connect every part of that
communication system. Is there anyone who could tell me which reference
i have to read, what i should do step by step to get these parts
connected? (The only aim by now is to connect them, but how? what I
should read??? Totally confused!)

Thanks for everyone who will give me any suggestions!!!



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