How to connect to microsoft sql server 6.5

Hi all,
i’m beginner in rails world…i try to connect my rails application on
a db sql server 6.5 without success, ca you help me?
i try odbc driver, jtds e activerecord-sqlserver-adapter but
what are the right gems or the right sequence procedure?


I only know about SQLServer 2005 and 2008, not 6.5. Anyway, here is a
list of things I had to do to get a project working with 2005 using
Ruby 1.8.6, Rails 2.3.5 and Mongrel as the web server. You might need
to skip/change some of the steps. I hope it helps:

  1. Install Ruby (1.8.6): Download Ruby
  2. Install rubygems:
    a. Download RubyGems | | your community gem host (zip version)
    b. Unpack to a directory and cd there
    c. ruby setup.rb
  3. Install rails: gem install rails –v=2.3.5
  4. Install mongrel: gem install mongrel
  5. Install mongrel service: gem install mongrel_service
  6. Install SQL Server adapter: gem install activerecord-sqlserver-
  7. Install ODBC gem: gem install odbc-rails
  8. Install authentication gem: gem install authlogic
  9. Install encryption gem: gem install attr_encrypted
  10. Install SQL Server Management utility (from Microsoft)
  11. Create SQL Server DB
  12. Create login in SQL Server
  13. Create DB user
  14. Create DSN in Windows:
    a. Control Panel → Adminstrative Tasks → Data Sources (ODBC)
    b. Click on System DSN → Add
    c. Select type SQL Server
    i. Name: Give it a name
    ii. Description: Give it a description
    iii. Server: Server name (whatever name you can see in the SQL
    Server Management Utility
    iv. Use SQL Authentication

Ok, i’ll try yours advice, i hope to do it…
I will let you know :slight_smile:


Forgot to add database.yml configuration. Here it is:

adapter: sqlserver
mode: odbc
dsn: your_dsn_name_here
username: your_username_here
password: your_password_here

There is no need to use host or port parameter since we’re using a